12 Contoh Soal Conversation ‘What’ Dalam Bahasa Inggris Beserta Pembahasan

12 Contoh Soal Conversation ‘What’ Dalam Bahasa Inggris Beserta Pembahasan


12 Contoh Soal Conversation 'What' Dalam Bahasa Inggris Beserta Pembahasan
12 Contoh Soal Conversation ‘What’ Dalam Bahasa Inggris Beserta Pembahasan


Hallo sahabat KBI yang sedang giat dan semangat belajar bahasa inggris, pada kesempatan kali ini admin ingin menjelaskan kepada sahabat KBI mengenai kumpulan contoh soal dan juga pembahasan dari soal conversation yang menggunakan pertanyaan what. Kira-kira seperti apa dan bagaimana soal juga pembahasan nya? Yuk langsung kita simak aja ya sahabat KBI 🙂

1.Man : Did chuck call before or after the class?

Woman : he called during the class

Q : What did the woman say?

A. He did not call

B. He called while the class was going on

C.He called before the class

D.He called after the class

Jawaban : B

Key Word : While

Pembahasan : While memiliki makna yang sama dengan during yang berarti selama/ketika

2.Man : I can’t figure out how Brende knew how to fix the car

Woman : She used to work in a repair shop.

Q : What does the woman say about Brende?

A.She didn’t know what to do

B.She used an auto repair manual

C.She wishes she still had her old job

D.She has experience as a mechanic

Jawaban : D

Key Word : Used to work in a repair shop, fix the car

Pembahasan : Used to digunakan untuk menyatakan kebiasaan lampau, berarti bisa disimpulkan bahwa brende dulunya terbiasa bekerja memperbaiki mobil di bengkel.

3.Woman : I am not sure how to deal with this. Should I tell the authorities or forget about it?

Man : How could you question it?

Woman : You’re right. I’ll make the call in the morning.

Q : What’s the woman problem?

A.She isn’t sure whether to report something

B.She is distressed that somebody knows what she did

C.She is angry about the contract

D.She wanted to ask a question

Jawaban : A

Key Word : Not sure

Pembahasan : kuncinya adalah kata not sure yang menandakan bahwa si wanita ragu atas apa yang akan dia lakukan.

4.Man : wouldn’t you rather take a break now? we’ve been at it for hours.

Woman : I’m beat, too. let’s get something to eat.

Man : we’ll be able to concentrate with a little nutrition.

Q : What do the speakers mean?

A.They’re tired

B.the woman is worried about the man’s anger

C.They feel refreshed

D.They broke their table

Jawaban : A

Key word : Take a break; we’ve been at it for hours

Pembahasan : Kunci pada percakapan tersebut adalah wouldn’t you rather take a break now? we’ve been at it for hours yang berarti bahwa mereka ingin istirahat karena sudah bekerja berjam jam, sehingga bisa di implikasikan bahwa mereka lelah.

5.Woman : why won’t you let heather find herself? you can’t make her decisions forever.

Man : I’m just not ready to let go, to admit that she’s an adult now

Woman : well she is and I think she is ready to show it.

Q : What does the woman suggest that the man do?

A.Give heather more freedom.

B.Give up on heather

C.Discipline Heather

D.Be more involved in heather’s life

Jawaban : A

Key word : let heather find herself

Pembahasan : Kuncinya adalah frasa let heather find herself.

6.Man : I need to talk to you. I am going into the hospital for a few days. You’ll need to take over management.

Woman : oh, I am sorry. Sure, I’ll be happy to help. But, I hope you will return as good as ever very soon.

Man : I’m optimistic. But, I know you’ll take care of things one way or the other.

Q : what do the speakers mean?

A.The man is retiring for good

B.the woman is pleased that the man is leaving

C.The woman doesn’t care for the current management

D. The man is temporarily turning things over the woman.

Jawaban : D

Key Word : take over, return very soon

Pembahasan : Kunci dari percakapan tersebut adalah take over yang artinya menggantikan dan return very soon yang artinya segera kembali.

7. Man : Don’t bring up the topic we discussed last night while jeff is here. He doesn’t agree with the decision at all.

Woman : I’d like hear his point of view. The subject isn’t closed yet.

Man : You’ll be sorry.

Q : what does the man mean about jeff?

A.He is studying

B.He hasn’t made up his mind

C.He is very much against the issue that the man promotes.

D.He isn’t aware of what the man and woman are discussing.

Jawaban : C

Key Word : Doesn’t agree

Pembahasan : Penekanan pada percakapan ini adalah ketidaksetujuan (doesn’t agree) jeff.

8.Man : So, Did the diet help?

Woman : It was the exercise that did it. The diet wasn’t much of use.

Q : How did the woman lose weight?

A.She went on a diet

B.She read some exercises on dieting

C.She didn’t use the diet

D.she took exercise

Jawaban : D

Key word : the exercise did it

Pembahasan : Percakapan tersebut mengimplikasikan bahwa kurusnya badan sang wanita disebabkan oleh olahraga, bukan karena diet.

9.Woman : we’ll never make the fligh in time

Man : Not at the speed you’re driving

Q : What would the man advise the woman to do?

A.Drive faster

B.Drive, not go by plane

C.slow down

D.Not to worry

Jawaban : A

Key word : Not, speed, you’re driving

Pembahasan : Frasa not at the speed you’re driving bermakna bahwa kecepetan mengemudikanya terlalu lambat dan implikasi dari ucapan tersebut bahwa sang wanita seharusnya mengemudi lebih cepat.

10.Man : the best wine does not only depend on the amount of sunshine

Woman : No, it also depends on whether there’s frost in the winter

Q : what could be a problem for grapes?

A.if there’s too much sunshine

B.If there’s too little sunshine

C.If the winter is very cold

D.If they are picked in the winter

Jawaban : C

Key Word : Frost

Pembahasan : Dikatakan dalam percakapan tersebut bahwa yang berpengaruh terhadap tanaman anggur adalah jumlah sinar matahari dan salju pada musim dingin.

11.Woman : where is david? I though he was going to be here

Man : He was chosen to lead the committee and it is meeting tonight

Q : What does the man mean about david?

A.He will be here soon

B.He chose the committee members

C.He has been appointed as the leader of the committee

D.He chose not to serve on the committee

Jawaban : C

Key Word : was chosen

Pembahasan : Yang dipakai dalam percakapan merupakan kalimat pasif. Chosen (dipilih) memiliki makna yang sama dengan appointed (ditunjuk)

12.Woman : have you seen the report on changes in the university administration?

Man : I looked it over briefly, but I didn’t have time to study it

Woman : I can leave it for you to review later if you’d like

Q : what does the man say about the report?

A.He wasn’t impressed by it

B.He hasn’t even seen it yet

C.He thinks it’s worth studying by the whole class

D.He hasn’t been able to review it in detail yet.

Jawaban : D

Key word : Briefly

Pembahasan : Kata briefly memiliki arti ‘singkat’. Jadi laki-laki tersebut belum melihat laporan tersebut dengan sungguh-sungguh.

Selamat belajar sahabat KBI 🙂

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