12 Contoh Soal Procedure Text Dalam Bahasa Inggris Beserta Jawaban

12 Contoh Soal Procedure Text Dalam Bahasa Inggris Beserta Jawaban



12 Contoh Soal Procedure Text Dalam Bahasa Inggris Beserta Jawaban
12 Contoh Soal Procedure Text Dalam Bahasa Inggris Beserta Jawaban


Kumpulan Soal Procedure Text


Sahabat KBI masih ingat apa yang dimaksud dengan procedure text dalam bahasa inggris? Yaps! Procedure text merupakan sebuah text dalam bahasa inggris yang digunakan untuk menjelaskan cara atau langkah membuat atau menggunakan suatu hal. Contohnya ketika sahabat KBI ingin memasak suatu kue atau makanan lainya, maka hal tersebut disebut dengan procedure text.

Berikut ini contoh soal dan juga jawaban mengenai procedure text dalam bahasa inggris. Langsung kita simak saja ya sahabat KBI dan selamat mengerjakan 🙂

Ingredients needed to make porridge
Provide good quality rice as much as 200 grams. The quality of rice is very importantbecause of the effect on the display of your slurry.
As many as 2 litres chicken stock.
Provide Bay leaves as many as 3 pieces.
± 2 teaspoons salt.
Ingredients for seasoning ingredients smooth
Take medium-size garlic 4 cloves.
Take also the onion about 6 to 7 fruit.
Provide also cilantro about 1 teaspoon.
And also Pecan 5 grains.
Don’t forget to peel the turmeric is at least 1 cm only
Ingredients for the marinade ingredients chicken porridge
We recommend that you use 1 tails free-range chicken.
Approximately ¾ liter of clean water.
Salt 1 teaspoon.
Pepper powder ± ½ teaspoon.
The nutmeg seed use half of it away.
Provide also a sweet soy sauce at least 2 tablespoons.
A little bit of cooking oil for sauteing.
Complementary material other materials
1 stalk of celery and thinly sliced thin.
Fried soy at least 100 grams. Soy should be soaked before frying.
Crackers used for Hor around 100 grams.
It could also be complementary with others such as cakwe, Satay and other giblets.
Well after all the ingredients the ingredients you have available, yuk started we makechicken porridge and kaldunya.
The easy way to make chicken porridge special
Clean the chicken and boiled with water about 2 to 3 litres (depending on the magnitude of the chicken) and add 1 tablespoon salt, wait until cooked and tender, then lift the meat of their chickens.
Wash the rice until it is clean and boiled with water broth (approximately 2 liters), stir stir briefly so that it is cooked evenly. After the rice is starting to soften, enter the Bay leavesand 2 teaspoons salt. Lower the flame of the stove and stir stir slowly until it becomesmush.
Puree smooth condiments (garlic + onions + cilantro + Pecans + turmeric), then sauteedwith a little cooking oil, stir stir until fragrant and smell ripe. Then enter in the rest of the broth. Re-insert the chicken and simmer over low heat to moderate. Once the water is boiling, add the broth (pepper seed + nutmeg + sweet soy sauce). Wait a while (after all it is mixed evenly and percolating in chicken meat), meat raise their chickens and turn off the stove.
Once the chicken is cool, then FRY until fragrant.

1.What is the main ingredient?


2.What is the text about?

a.how to make porridge
b.how to make fried chicken
c.how to make noodle
d.how to make ice cream

3.What makes a porridge special?


4.What is the generic structure of the text?


5.What is the social function of the text?

a.To inform the reader about porridge
b.To retell the story
c.To describe porridge
d.To describe about how to make a porridge

6.The language features is

a.past tense
b.present tense
c.future tense

7.How many fried soy that we need?

a.50 gr
b.100 gr
c.150 gr
d.250 gr

8.How many salt that we need?

a.two teaspoons
b.one teaspoon
c.three teaspoons
d.six teaspoons

9.What is the kind of that text?

a.explanation text
b.descriptive text
c.procedure text
d.hortatory text

10.When we add fried chicken?

a.after all the ingredients have been done
b.after we add water
c.after stir the porridge
d.after add the meat

11.How many unions that we need?

a.6-7 unions
b.5 unions
c.3 unions
d.1-5 unions

12.Wash the rice until it is clean and boiled

What is the meaning of bold word?
a.cook with hot water
b.cook with oil
c.cook without water
d.fried it


  1. c
  2. a
  3. d
  4. c
  5. d
  6. b
  7. b
  8. b
  9. c
  10. a
  11. a
  12. a

Semoga bermanfaat ya sahabat KBI 🙂