15 Contoh Soal Timun Mas (Narrative Text) Dalam Bahasa Inggris Beserta Jawaban

15 Contoh Soal Timun Mas (Narrative Text) Dalam Bahasa Inggris Beserta Jawaban


15 Contoh Soal Timun Mas (Narrative Text) Dalam Bahasa Inggris Beserta Jawaban
15 Contoh Soal Timun Mas (Narrative Text) Dalam Bahasa Inggris Beserta Jawaban


Kumpulan Soal Reading Timun Mas (Narrative Text)


Cerita mengenai timun mas merupakan sebuah cerita yag sudah banyak kita bahas pada materi-materi sebelumnya, sahabat KBI juga pasti banyak menemuinya ketika disekolah bukan? Nah, namun bagaimana dengan kumpulan soal-soal nya? apakah sahabat KBI pernah mencoba untuk mengerjakanya? Jika belum, yuk langsung kita simak dan bahas cerita nya berikut ini 🙂

Timun Mas (Golden Cucumber) 


Once there lived an old woman in ancient times. Mbok Sirni name. She was a widowed. Since she has not a husband, Mbok Sirni strongly wishes to have a child. However, until her husband died, yet he is also blessed with a child. However, the desire Is to have a child continue to Sirni. she’s hoping there is someone who is kind enough to give him the child. The child that can help her work after the child grew old.


One day a giant came and met Mbok Sirni. Mbok Sirni very fear of predation that looks really creepy. “ The Master Of The Giants. Said Mbok Sirni with body shaking. You shall not eat me. I have an old, my body is no longer bad for thou prey.


“Altogether I don’t want to eat you, thus I want to give you something.” Said the giant. He gave the plant the seeds of the cucumber to Mbok Sirni and said. “ grow seeds of the cucumber is, undoubtedly you will get what will you have for this long. “


The giant Food on Sirni and told to did not enjoy the results of cucumber seeds to his deed, but he should share it with her as a thank-you Mbok Sirni to him.


Mbok Sirni agree with the message of the giant. He then planted the seeds of that cucumber page of his house. Cucumber seeds that grow very fast. Just a few days later a cucumber plant seed that has grown and is also fruitful. The fruits are very big. Among the fruits of that there is a very large fruit. The colour is yellowish glittering like gold  exposed to sun light.
Mbok Sirni take the biggest fruit  and cut it. Mbok Sirni mingled pleasantly surprised excited when finding a beautiful baby girl in the Golden cucumber fruit. Mbok Sirni very grateful for prayer and his desire for it to have a child is granted by God. He then gave a pretty baby name it with the name Cucumber gold.
Mbok Sirni tending Cucumber well to Gold Golden Cucumber grow into healthy children more visible and her beauty. Mbok Sirni very fond of Cucumber gold, nor vice versa.
Some time later, Mbok Sirni again met with the former Giant gave him seed cucumber. The giant asked him to fulfill his promise to split the results of cucumber seed magic with it. Real food, not very willingly if the Sirni must divide the favourite daughter with the Giants. He also puzzled how to divide her daughter. Fortunatelythe giant was still kind enough by allowing Golden Cucumber to stay with this food, this food after revealing Sirni and she confuses. The giant said. “ Well, pretty girls can stay with you until the age of seventeen. After that I will come to no predators. “
The Giants chased cucumber gold for predation
Mbok Sirni is very excited to hear the giant greeting. At least it is still enough time for him to think of a way how to make girl’s favourite Cucumber Gold no predation by the giant. Although a little rejoicing because there is still time for him to live with a golden Cucumber, but in your heart, which is still filled to Sirni was so worry.
Golden cucumber grows into a very beautiful girl. The nature and behavior of good taste dear Mbok Sirni to him. She is obedient and submissive. she also helps the diligent hassles Mbok Sirni which has been considered as the biological mother. A variety of jobs at homeis doing well.  She is cooking, wash, sweep and also along Mbok Sirni looking for firewood in the forest. Don’t overdo it feels very dear to mbok Sirni  if golden Cucumber and think of it as children. However, as time passes, Mbok Sirni became very anxious if reminded of his promise on the giant. It is not willing to her if his daughter would be almost wiped out the giant.
One night Mbok Sirni dreaming. In his dream he must meet a hermit of the Galaxy which is at Mount bald if willed her daughter survived. The next day, Mbok Sirni to mount Bald. He met a hermit. He asked for help to his son’s hermit in order to be freed from the giant.
The hermit give one cucumber plant seed seeds, needles, a grain of salt and a slice of shrimp paste to Mbok Sirni. Bonded it all to your son. He will survive the Giants to no predators. “ The Hermit Said. The hermit describes how to use the objects granting it.
After saying thanks. Mbok Sirni rushed back home. He objects to the Ascetic of the Cucumber gold.
Just a few days after that, the Giants went toward food, House Sirni. His desire to eat Cucumber Gold can not be dammed. The distance to the House, which is still pretty but she’s been yelling. “ Hi old women! Thou leave thy days for my Prey as soon as possible. “
Mbok Sirni came out of his house and responded. “ The master of giants, my son has forest a place wherein. She is ready for you to make a meal. “
See the giant Cucumber Mas ran at a distance. Without waiting longer, the giant immediately pursue gold Cucumber. The giant  salivating having already strengthened her desire to eat Cucumber as soon as possible.
Gold Cucumber  has been exerting all his strength to run away. However, the giant steps are wide and quickly make the distance between gold and the giant Cucumber closer. See the giant offing will catch him, then threw a Golden Cucumber seed cucumber. The miracle of cucumber seedling immediately happens, it turns into a very thick cucumber plants and lots of fruit. Looks tantalizing cucumber fruit once was. The giant greedily devouring directly all the fruit of cucumbers that magic. However, it turns out the many fruits of the cucumber is yet to satisfy the voracious Giant belly. He’s back chasing a golden Cucumber had already run far enough. The longer the Cucumber back Gold will be overtaken by the giant.
The needles thrown cucumber mas changed to bamboo
See position that the closer returned with the giant, Golden Cucumber then threw a needle which he carried. A miracle occurred. The needle cast Cucumber Gold turns into a very thick bamboo trees. Rods of bamboo trees high and sharp. The giant was initially very difficulty passing through the bamboo forest as a fence blocking him. But with a ferocious giant bamboo trees picking off the thwarts. Both legs are skewered by bamboo rods are not diperdulikannya. He’s back chasing a golden Cucumber back away.
Cucumber Gold threw handfuls of salt which she carried when knew the giant back closer. A handful of salt was turned into a vast sea that it becomes a barrier between the gold and the giant Cucumber.
Giant  enter into the mud life
The giant‘s desire to eat Cucumber Gold is already so high that she ever swim across the vast sea of it. He swims as fast as he could, even though it’s very mnguras his energies. The giant fatigue when it arrived on the Mainland opposite the sea, but his desire to eat gold Cucumber  does not recede, with its wobble he tried to chase the Cucumber gold.
Gold rose to Cucumber throw weapons possession that is a piece of shrimp paste. Like Gen. ajib before, a piece of shrimp paste it turns into mud suction. The Giants continued to pursue it then sucked mud suction it out. Even though it has issued throughout his energies,the giant helpless face mud suction power. His body continued to sink sucked into the Earth. The screams and the roar of the giant membahaha filled the sky, but no one could help him. The Giants finallymeet after death his whole body sucked into the mud.
gold Cucumber survived. she thank the Lord for having freed from vicious giant predatory humans. she went back home to her house to meet Mbok Sirni.
How joyful and its Golden Cucumber found Sirni Mbok survived. Mbok Sirni can live quietly together gold Cucumber without worrying should submit to the giant Golden Cucumber. So it is with the Timun Mas. she walked calmly along the old women who had considered as his own mother.
They live happy.

Choose the true one

1.who is the main actor of that story?
b.Timun mas
d.Timun’s mom

2.Where the story comes from?

a.west java

b.central java

c.East Java

d.North Sumatera

3.How is the ending of the story?

a.happy ending

b.sad ending

c.never ending

d.will continue

4.What is the problem in that story?

a.Old parents have a child

b.Giant want to marry with timun mas

c.Giant want to eat timun mas

d.Timun mas loves giant so much

5.How may actors in that story?





6.How many wrap that timun brought?





7.what is the last wrap that timun spread?

a.cucumber seed


c.shrimp paste

d.corn seed

8.Who is the name of timun’s mom?

a.Mbok gini

b.mbok sirni

c.mbok sinar

d.mbok yem

9.How is the character of timun mas?

a.cruel, evil

b.dilligent, smart

c.dilligent, smar, cruel

d.stingy, smart

10.How did the giant die?

a.killed by timun

b.killed by timun’s parents

c.killed because of a boom

d.because of some wraps

Please fill the blank based on the story

1.where did the story happen?

2.who were the character of the story?

3.what is the purpose of the text?

4.what is the moral value that you get?

5.is the story useful for you?

The answers of multiple choice

  1. b
  2. b
  3. a
  4. c
  5. d
  6. b
  7. c
  8. b
  9. b
  10. d

Happy studying ya sahabat KBI 🙂

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