16 Soal ‘If Clause’ Bahasa Inggris Untuk SMA Kelas 1

16 Soal ‘If Clause’ Bahasa Inggris Untuk SMA Kelas 1



Kumpulan Soal Dalam Bahasa Inggris


Sahabat KBI pasti sudah tidak asing lagi bukan dengan if clause? karena sebelumnya kita juga pernah membahas mengenai if clause tersebut dalam materi bahasa inggris.

Adverb clauses of condition are sometimes known as conditionals (or if clause). the tenses of the verbs used in different types of conditionals.

a.Conditionals that refer to possible present situations.

Example :

if you like your favourite band, you can see their live performance this evening

unless you see hobbastank performance, you won’t know how good they are.

b.Conditionals that refer to possble future occurances.

Example :

if they marry, they will have a happy family

if they group’s band has a good and hit song, they will become famous

c.Conditionals that refer to unlikely situations that will not exist.

example :

If I were you, i might buy the house

if I become a famous singer, I would collaborate with krisdayanti.

d.Conditionals that refer to situations that might have happened in the past but did not happen.

Example :

If I had won the lottery, I could have seen the linkin park concert

If I had eaten breakfast several hours ago, I wouldn’t have been hungry now.


1.They____(bring) the musical instruments. If you____(ask) them

2.He____(understand) if you_______(explain) it.

3.If I found 100 usd in the street. I_____(keep) it

4.Tomy____(lend) you money. If he____(have) some.

5.If my favourite artist____(come) to my house. I_____(very please)

6.Would James be angry if I_____(Take) his guitar with out asking?

7.If she____(have sell) her car, she_____have (got) some money to buy a ticket concert.

8.If they_____(study), they_____(have passed) the exam.

Answer the question using if clauses


1.What will you buy if you have a lot of money?

2.What will you do if you lost your money?

3.What would your father have done if you had not come to school?

4.what will you do if your favourite artist comes to your country?

5.What would you do if somebody stole your car?

6.What would you do if you won an idol contest?

7.what would you have done if you had became a member of famous group band?

8.What will you do if a TV broadcast asks you to perform on television?

Happy studying ya sahabat KBI 🙂

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