20 Soal Bahasa Inggris About ‘Complete The Text’ Terlengkap

20 Soal Bahasa Inggris About ‘Complete The Text’ Terlengkap


20 Soal Bahasa Inggris About 'Complete The Text' Terlengkap
20 Soal Bahasa Inggris About ‘Complete The Text’ Terlengkap


Sahabat KBI, untuk materi bahasa inggris kali ini akan berhubungan dengan sebuah text dalam bahasa inggris, atau dengan kata lain kita mengisi atau melengkapi blank text dalam bahasa inggris dengan kata yang tepat. Seperti apa contohnya? langsung aja yuk kita simak berikut ini sahabat KBI 🙂 Semoga bisa menjadi referensi belajar ya


In pairs, complete the text with suitable words given in the box. Then, be ready to report it to the class.

  • Angry
  • lonely
  • naughty
  • dry season
  • alone
  • the spell
  • complained
  • young
  • grateful
  • harvest
  • North Sumatera
  • Beautiful
  • Humble
  • Scale
  • Villages
  • Fishbait
  • Married
  • Fish
  • Town
  • Polan

Once upon a time in _____, there was a_______farmer wholived_____and was_____.A lot of his friends suggested he get_____, actually there were a lot  of girls in that_____who wanted to marry him, but he was alays____in front of the girls. That’s why he didn’t marry, although he had a rice field and a house inherited by his parents.

As the next____gathered, his rice plantation was almost exhausted, but he never____and kept trying. Until the long____came and made a lot of villagers move to____ continuing their lives. but he still lived in his village.

One day, as usual, he went to the lake. but this time there were no____that wanted to eat his____. after he wait for a long time, suddenly his fish bait was to eaten by a beautiful fish with a good____of fish. but unfortunately the fish fell down, disappeared  suddenly and changed into a_____girl. the girl was____to him because she was released from____. she knew how to thank to him, she said that she would fill his wish to marry her.

finally the farmer had complete family. his son, named____,was very____. until one day he was____with polan and screamed to him, “you are a fish son!” suddenly the rain come down hard and it made houses, trees and even hills were underwater and this village become a wide lake. now, this lake known as toba lake.

Semoga dapat menjadi referens belajar untuk sahabat KBI ya 🙂