30 Contoh Soal Question Tags dan Jawabannya

30 Contoh Soal Question Tags dan Jawabannya

30 Contoh Soal Question Tags dan Jawabannya

Sekilas Tentang Question Tags


Questions tags merupakan pertanyaan pendek pada akhir kalimat yang berfungsi untuk menanyakan informasi atau meminta persetujuan. Di bawah ini 30 contoh soal question tags berbentuk essay, selamat berlatih yah!

Contoh soal mengenai penyusunan question tags:

  1. Father went to office late last day, ….?
  2. She wasn’t happy when he didn’t came to her house, …?
  3. They were learning Physics when we came last morning, …?
  4. I can do this faster, …?
  5. He could try again if he wanted to get more, …?
  6. I will be happy if you bring me many chocolates, …?
  7. Retna eats many fresh vegetables every night to her dinner, …?
  8. They shouldn’t play a lot if they want their task to be finished, …?
  9. Mia and I wanted to shop together last Friday night, …?
  10. He had many things to be sold, …?
  11. She has done her task since 8 a.m, …?
  12. We want to make friendship, …?
  13. He canceled his vacation because of his business, …?
  14. We will come if they had finished their task yet, …?
  15. I have finished my report for 5 minutes, …?
  16. My friend and I were in market when you came to my house, …?
  17. She always keeps her attitude better, …?
  18. He lost his money when he went to exhibition, …?
  19. They didn’t choose Leda as their leader, …?
  20. I shouldn’t have kissed him, …?
  21. We might come if we wanted to know her answer, …?
  22. They have been waiting their professor for one minutes, …?
  23. I had been chosen because of my attitude, …?
  24. He will be loved soon, …?
  25. We’d rather go with him, …?
  26. I never think about it anymore, …?
  27. My mom and I like to go to beauty center in the weekend, …?
  28. My father always checks his car before he leaves, …?
  29. I would write the letter to him, if I found his address, …?
  30. She didn’t take his book, …?


Berikut jawaban pertanyaan di atas:

  1. didn’t he?
  2. was she?
  3. weren’t they?
  4. can’t I?
  5. couldn’t he?
  6. won’t I?
  7. doesn’t she?
  8. should they?
  9. didn’t we?
  10. didn’t he?
  11. hasn’t she?
  12. don’t we?
  13. didn’t he?
  14. won’t we?
  15. haven’t I?
  16. weren’t we?
  17. doesn’t she?
  18. didn’t he?
  19. did they?
  20. should I?
  21. might not we?
  22. haven’t they?
  23. hadn’t I?
  24. won’t he?
  25. wouldn’t we?
  26. don’t I?
  27. don’t we?
  28. doesn’t he?
  29. wouldn’t I?
  30. did she?


Demikian 30 Contoh Soal Question Tags dan Jawabannya, nantikan contoh soal lainnya hanya di KBI yah! 🙂

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