5 Contoh Conversation dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaru

5 Contoh Conversation dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaru – Speaking adalah salah satu skill yang harus dikuasai dalam belajar bahasa Inggris. Bagaimana kita dapat berkomunikasi dengan bahasa Inggris jika kita tidak dapat berbicara dalam bahasa Inggris. Dalam era globalisasi ini, penguasaan bahasa Inggris sangatlah dibutuhkan. Untuk itu penting untuk kita dapat mempelajari bahasa Inggris sedini mungkin. Hal ini akan berguna di kemudian hari nanti. Berikut ini adalah Contoh Conversation Introduction dalam Bahasa Inggris dan Terjemahannya. Semoga dapat membantu anda belajar berbicara dalam bahasa Inggris.


Contoh 1: at Telephone

Receptionist: Good Afternoon, can I help you?

Ms. Yuliana: Yes, I would like to speak to Subagio, please.

Receptionist: I’m sorry, Mr. Subagio is out of the office at the moment.

Ms. Yuliana: Do you know when to expect him?

Receptionist: I should be back about 3:00. Would you like to leave a message?

Ms. Yuliana: Yes. My name is Ana Yuliana .

Receptionist: Is that Y-U-L-I-A-N-N-A?

Ms. Yuliana: It’s with one N’s.

Receptionist: Okay, and may I tell him what this is in regards to?

Ms. Yuliana: Well, it’s a rather personal matter…

Receptionist: That’s okay. How can he reach you, Ms. Yuliana?

Ms. Yuliana: At 0852-4857-4567.

Receptionist: 0852-4857-4567. Fine. I will give him the message as soon as he returns.

Ms. Yuliana: Thank you very much.


Contoh 2: at Hotel

Hotel Clerk: Welcome to the Sejahtera Hotel, sir. How may I help you?

Mr. Budi: Hello. I would like a non-smoking room with a double bed.

Hotel Clerk: Do you have a reservation?

Mr. Budi: No, I’m afraid I don’t.

Hotel Clerk: Hmmm. Let me see. We don’t seem to have any rooms with double beds right now. We are very full tonight. We’ve got a large conference going on.

Mr. Budi: I see. So what do you have available?

Hotel Clerk: Well, not much. It seems we have a small corner room on the 5th floor. It has a single bed and a bathroom with a shower.

Mr. Budi: And is it a non-smoking room?

Hotel Clerk: No, the 5th floor is a smoking floor. But that is the only room we have at this time. Would you be interested in it?

Mr. Budi: Wow. That’s terrible. I didn’t realize… I knew I should have made a reservation before I left home.

Hotel Clerk: Yes, you never know if we will have vacancies or not.

Mr. Budi: I guess I’ll have to take that room, then. I don’t have time to look for another hotel.

Hotel Clerk: Great. First, let me just have your name…


Contoh 3: Friend’s Birthday

Sarah: Hey Lisa, wait up! I’ve wanted to have a chance to talk to you.

Lisa: Hi! What’s up?

Sarah: This weekend I’m having a birthday party for Ted. I’d like you to come.

Lisa: I’d love to. When is it?

Sarah: We’re having it this Saturday at 8:00 at my house. We’re going to order a pizza and play some games. Then whoever wants to stay longer can hang out and watch a video.

Lisa: It sounds like a lot of fun. But now that I think about it, I promised I would do something with Nathan Saturday night.

Sarah: Well, why don’t you bring him along? It would be fun. Ted would really like that. I’m sure.

Lisa: Really? That would be great. Okay, I’ll ask Nathan to come along. What can I bring?

Sarah: Nothing. Just bring yourselves. No presents are necessary and everything else has been planned.


Contoh 4: Asking Restaurant

Lisa: Excuse me, sir. I’m looking for a place to eat. Can you tell me if there are any restaurants in this mall?

Woman at Information Booth: Sure. There are several. What kind of food are you thinking about?

Lisa: I’m not sure. Anything but fast food.

Woman: There is a nice Japanese restaurant upstairs. It’s a little pricey, but the food is good.

Lisa: Oh. Sounds good, but I ate Japanese food last night. I’d rather try something else.

Woman: Okay. How about Italian? Or maybe Chinese?

Lisa: Italian sounds good, but so does Chinese. I just can’t decide. Are there any American places here?

Woman: Yes, there’s a very good steak house downstairs, and you’ll find Waroeng Steak’s across the parking lot. What about either of those?

Lisa: I’m sorry to be such a bother, but nothing strikes my fancy. I guess I just won’t eat anything for awhile.

Woman: Well, I’m afraid that’s all there is here in the mall.

Lisa: That’s too bad. I’m sorry about my indecision. I guess what, what I really need is a good buffet.

Woman: Hmmm…. I remember going to a buffet not far from here. They have foods from several different countries. It’s about two blocks away. It’s quite good, too.

Lisa: That sounds great. Maybe I should do that.


Contoh 5: Movie

Joni: Hey, Ani, how would you like to go see a movie tonight?

Ani: Sounds great! What would you like to see?

Joni: I don’t know… how about that new horror movie at the Lampung Theater?

Ani: Oh, I heard about that. It sounds a little scary to me. I’m more into romantic movies. Or maybe a romantic comedy.

Joni: No way! I hate that kind of stuff!

Ani: Really? Well then, what kinds of movies do you like?

Joni: I guess I’m really into action and adventure type of movies.

Ani: Oh yeah, well I guess they are okay, as long as they aren’t too bloody. I also heard about this great new musical that just came out. What do you think about that?

Joni: Musical? I don’t know. That doesn’t sound too exciting. Is there anything we can agree on?

Ani: It doesn’t seem like it. Oh, I remember another movie that came out last week. It’s a mystery and it had a little romance and some action, too. I heard it’s pretty exciting because nobody can guess who the killer is and it has a surprise ending. What do you think about that one?

Joni: I guess that doesn’t sound too bad. What time does it start?


Demikian 5 Contoh Conversation dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaru, semoga artikel ini bermanfaat untuk Anda dan dapat menambah wawasan anda dalam belajar bahasa inggris. Terimakasih