Kumpulan Cerita Rakyat Bahasa Inggris dan Artinya

Kumpulan Cerita Rakyat Dalam Bahasa Inggris dan Artinya

Kumpulan Cerita Rakyat Bahasa Inggris dan Artinya

Anak-anak sangat menyukai cerita, apalagi sebagai pengantar mereka tidur. Ada banyak sekali cerita anak yang dapat sahabat KBI, mulai dari cerita anak daerah, cerita anak dari luar negeri dan lain-lain. Namun, ada baiknnya jika kita sedari dini memperkenalkan cerita rakyat kepada adik-adik kita.

Karena hal tersebut dapat menumbuhkan rasa cinta terhadap tanah air ini. Naah, ada banyak sekali cerita rakyat di Indonesia. Kali ini KBI akan memberikan beberapa contoh cerita rakyat dalam bahasa inggris beserta artinya. Semoga bermanfaa yah.

Malin Kundang

Once upon a time, on the north coast of Sumatra lived a poor woman and his son. The boy was called Malin Kundang. They didn’t earn much as fishing was their only source of income. Malin Kundang grew up as a skillful young boy. He always helps his mother to earn some money. However, as they were only fisherman’s helper, they still lived in poverty. “Mother, what if I sail overseas?” asked Malin Kundang one day to his mother. Her mother didn’t agree but Malin Kundang had made up his mind. “Mother, if I stay here, I’ll always be a poor man. I want to be a successful person,” urged Malin kundang. His mother wiped her tears, “If you really want to go, I can’t stop you. I could only pray to God for you to gain success in life,” said his mother wisely. “But, promise me, you’ll come home.”

In the next morning, Malin Kundang was ready to go. Three days ago, he met one of the successful ship’s crew. Malin was offered to join him. “Take a good care of yourself, son,” said Malin Kundang’s mother as she gave him some food supplies. “Yes, Mother,” Malin Kundang said. “You too have to take a good care of yourself. I’ll keep in touch with you,” he continued before kissing his mother’s hand. Before Malin stepped onto the ship, Malin’s mother hugged him tight as if she didn’t want to let him go.

It had been three months since Malin Kundang left his mother. As his mother had predicted before, he hadn’t contacted her yet. Every morning, she stood on the pier. She wished to see the ship that brought Malin kundang home. Every day and night, she prayed to the God for her son’s safety. There was so much prayer that had been said due to her deep love for Malin Kundang. Even though it’s been a year she had not heard any news from Malin Kundang, she kept waiting and praying for him.

After several years waiting without any news, Malin Kundang’s mother was suddenly surprised by the arrival of a big ship in the pier where she usually stood to wait for her son. When the ship finally pulled over, Malin Kundang’s mother saw a man who looked wealthy stepping down a ladder along with a beautiful woman. She could not be wrong. Her blurry eyes still easily recognized him. The man was Malin Kundang, her son.

Malin Kundang’s mother quickly went to see her beloved son. “Malin, you’re back, son!” said Malin Kundang’s mother and without hesitation, she came running to hug Malin Kundang, “I miss you so much.” But, Malin Kundang didn’t show any respond. He was ashamed to admit his own mother in front of his beautiful wife. “You’re not my Mother. I don’t know you. My mother would never wear such ragged and ugly clothes,” said Malin Kundang as he release his mother embrace.

Malin Kundang’s mother take a step back, “Malin…You don’t recognize me? I’m your mother!” she said sadly. Malin Kundang’s face was as cold as ice. “Guard, take this old women out of here,” Malin Kundang ordered his bodyguard. “Give her some money so she won’t disturb me again!” Malin Kundang’s mother cried as she was dragged by the bodyguard, ”Malin… my son. Why do you treat your own mother like this?”

Malin Kundang ignored his mother and ordered the ship crews to set sail. Malin Kundang’s mother sat alone in the pier. Her heart was so hurt, she cried and cried. “Dear God, if he isn’t my son, please let him have a save journey. But if he is, I cursed him to become a stone,” she prayed to the God.

In the quiet sea, suddenly the wind blew so hard and a thunderstorm came. Malin Kundang’s huge ship was wrecked. He was thrown by the wave out of his ship, and fell on a small island. Suddenly, his whole body turned into stone. He was punished for not admitting his own mother.*** ( sumber : feradesliaahyar.wordpress.com )

The Wolf and The Lamb

A lamb was grazing with a flock of sheep one day. She soon found some sweet grass at the edge of the field. Farther and farther she went, away from the others.

She was enjoying herself so much that she did not notice a wolf coming nearer to her. However, when it pounced on her, she was quick to start pleading, “Please, please don’t eat me yet. My stomach is full of grass. If you wait a while, I will taste much better.”

The wolf thought that was a good idea, so he sat down and waited.

After a while, the lamb said, “If you allow me to dance, the grass in my stomach will be digested faster.” Again the wolf agreed. While the lamb was dancing, she had a new idea. She said, “Please take the bell from around my neck. If you ring it as hard as you can, I will be able to dance even faster.

The wolf took the bell and rang it as hard as he could. The shepherd heard the bell ringing and quickly sent his dogs to find the missing lamb. The barking dogs frightened the wolf away and saved the lamb’s life.

Serigala Dan Anak Domba

Domba A adalah merumput dengan kawanan domba satu hari. Dia segera menemukan beberapa rumput manis di pinggir lapangan. Semakin jauh ia pergi, jauh dari yang lain.


Dia menikmati dirinya sendiri sehingga dia tidak melihat serigala mendekat padanya. Namun, ketika menerkam, dia cepat mulai memohon, “Tolong, tolong jangan makan saya belum. Perutku penuh rumput. Jika Anda menunggu beberapa saat, saya akan terasa jauh lebih baik. ”

Pikiran serigala itu adalah ide yang baik, jadi ia duduk dan menunggu. Setelah beberapa saat, anak domba berkata, “Jika Anda mengizinkan saya untuk menari, rumput di saya perut akan dicerna lebih cepat. “Sekali lagi serigala setuju. Sementara anak domba menari, dia punya ide baru. Dia mengatakan, “Silakan mengambil bel dari leherku. Jika Anda membunyikannya sekeras bisa, saya akan bisa menari lebih cepat. ”

Serigala mengambil bel dan berdering sekeras yang dia bisa. Gembala mendengar bel berdering dan cepat dikirim anjing untuk menemukan domba yang hilang. Anjing menggonggong takut serigala itu dan menyelamatkan nyawa domba.

The Lake Toba

A long time ago, there lived a young orphan farmer in the northern part of the island of Sumatra. The area is very dry. Syahdan, the young man lived from farming and fishing. One day he was fishing a fish so beautiful. The color is golden yellow. So holding, the fish turned into a lovely princess. The daughter of a woman who was condemned for violating a ban. He will turn into a kind of creature that first touch. Therefore, human touches it, it turns into a princess.

Fascinated by her beauty, the young farmer’s daughter asked her to be his wife. The proposal is accepted on condition that the young man would not tell its origin from the farmer ikan.Pemuda the terms agreed. After a year, the couple blessed with a boy. He has a bad habit that is never satiated. He ate all the food.

One day the boy was eating all the food from their parents. The young man was very upset saying: “basic offspring of fish!” That statement by itself isterinya.Dengan thus unlock the secrets of their promise has been violated.

His wife and son disappeared mysteriously. The land of their former footing  springs. The water that flows from the spring growing bigger and bigger. And being a vast lake. The lake is now called Lake Toba.

Danau Toba

Pada jaman dahulu, hiduplah seorang pemuda tani yatim piatu di bagian utara pulau Sumatra. Daerah tersebut sangatlah kering. Syahdan, pemuda itu hidup dari bertani dan memancing ikan. Pada suatu hari ia memancing seekor ikan yang sangat indah. Warnanya kuning keemasan. Begitu dipegangnya, ikan tersebut berubah menjadi seorang putri jelita. Putri itu adalah wanita yang dikutuk karena melanggar suatu larangan. Ia akan berubah menjadi sejenis mahluk yang pertama menyentuhnya. Oleh karena yang menyentuhnya manusia, maka ia berubah menjadi seorang putri.

Terpesona oleh kecantikannya, maka pemuda tani tersebut meminta sang putri untuk menjadi isterinya. Lamaran tersebut diterima dengan syarat bahwa pemuda itu tidak akan menceritakan asal-usulnya yang berasal dari ikan.Pemuda tani itu menyanggupi syarat tersebut. Setelah setahun, pasangan suami istri tersebut dikarunia seorang anak laki-laki. Ia mempunyai kebiasaan buruk yaitu tidak pernah kenyang. Ia makan semua makanan yang ada.

Pada suatu hari anak itu memakan semua makanan dari orang tuanya. Pemuda itu sangat jengkelnya berkata: “dasar anak keturunan ikan!”Pernyataan itu dengan sendirinya membuka rahasia dari isterinya.Dengan demikian janji mereka telah dilanggar.

Istri dan anaknya menghilang secara gaib. Ditanah bekas pijakan mereka menyemburlah mata air. Air yang mengalir dari mata air tersebut makin lama makin besar. Dan menjadi sebuah danau yang sangat luas. Danau itu kini bernama Danau Toba.

Si Pitung

Pitung is a pious young man from Rawa Belong. He diligently studied the Koran in Haji Naipin. Finished learning the Koran he was trained in martial arts. After years of religious knowledge and the ability to master the martial increased.


At that time the Dutch were colonized Indonesia. Pitung pitied the plight experienced by young people. Meanwhile, kumpeni (the name for the Netherlands), a group of employer and the landlord lives wallowing in luxury. Homes and their fields guarded by thugs who ferociously.


With the assistance of his friends of the Rais and Jii, Pitung began planning the robbery of the employer and the wealthy landlords. Rampokannya results were distributed to the poor. In front of a starving family home laid Sepikul rice. Families who wrapped it provides compensation payable moneylenders. And orphaned children parcel dikiriminya clothes and other gifts.


Pitung success and his friends because of two things. First, it has a high martial arts and dikhabarkan they are immune to bullets. Second, people do not want to tell where Pitung is now. However, the robbery victim Pitung rich with kumpeni always trying to persuade people to open my mouth.


Kumpeni also use violence to force people to testify. One day, kumpeni and wealthy landlords managed to get information about family Pitung. So they seized both her parents and the Hajj Naipin. With a heavy ordeal finally they get the information about where and confidential Pitung are immune.


Armed with all that information, police were ambushed Pitung kumpeni. Of course Pitung and his friends fight. But unfortunately, information about the immune secret Pitung already open. He was pelted with rotten eggs and shot. Thus he was killed, Pitung still regarded as a defender of the common people.

Si Pitung

Si Pitung adalah seorang pemuda yang soleh dari Rawa Belong. Ia rajin belajar mengaji pada Haji Naipin. Selesai belajar mengaji ia pun dilatih silat. Setelah bertahun- tahun kemampuannya menguasai ilmu agama dan bela diri makin meningkat.


Pada waktu itu Belanda sedang menjajah Indonesia. Si Pitung merasa iba menyaksikan penderitaan yang dialami oleh rakyat kecil. Sementara itu, kumpeni (sebutan untuk Belanda), sekelompok Tauke dan para Tuan tanah hidup bergelimang kemewahan. Rumah dan ladang mereka dijaga oleh para centeng yang galak.

Dengan dibantu oleh teman-temannya si Rais dan Jii, Si Pitung mulai merencanakan perampokan terhadap rumah Tauke dan Tuan tanah kaya. Hasil rampokannya dibagi-bagikan pada rakyat miskin. Di depan rumah keluarga yang kelaparan diletakkannya sepikul beras. Keluarga yang dibelit hutang rentenir diberikannya santunan. Dan anak yatim piatu dikiriminya bingkisan baju dan hadiah lainnya.

Kesuksesan si Pitung dan kawan-kawannya dikarenakan dua hal. Pertama, ia memiliki ilmu silat yang tinggi serta dikhabarkan tubuhnya kebal akan peluru. Kedua, orang-orang tidak mau menceritakan dimana si Pitung kini berada. Namun demikian orang kaya korban perampokan Si Pitung bersama kumpeni selalu berusaha membujuk orang-orang untuk membuka mulut.

Kumpeni juga menggunakan kekerasan untuk memaksa penduduk memberi keterangan. Pada suatu hari, kumpeni dan tuan-tuan tanah kaya berhasil mendapat informasi tentang keluarga si Pitung. Maka merekapun menyandera kedua orang tuanya dan si Haji Naipin. Dengan siksaan yang berat akhirnya mereka mendapatkan informasi tentang dimana Si Pitung berada dan rahasia kekebalan tubuhnya.

Berbekal semua informasi itu, polisi kumpeni pun menyergap Si Pitung. Tentu saja Si Pitung dan kawan-kawannya melawan. Namun malangnya, informasi tentang rahasia kekebalan tubuh Si Pitung sudah terbuka. Ia dilempari telur-telur busuk dan ditembak. Ia pun tewas seketika.Meskipun demikian untuk Jakarta, Si Pitung tetap dianggap sebagai pembela rakyat kecil.

Aji Saka

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom named Medang Kamulan ruled by king named Prabu Dewa Cengkar who wild and likes to eat human. Every day the king takes a man who was taken by Patih Jugul Young. A small portion of the people who fret and fear fled secretly to other areas.

In the hamlet of Kawit Medang a young man named Aji Saka powerful, industrious and good-natured. One day, Aji Saka managed to help an old man who was beaten by two robbers. Old man who eventually appointed by Aji Saka’s father turned out to refugees from Medang Kamulan. Hearing stories about the King of Gods Cengkar savagery, Aji Saka Medang Kamulan intend to help people. By wearing a turban on the head of Aji Saka went to Medang Kamulan.

The journey to Medang Kamulan not smooth, Aji Saka had fought for seven days and seven nights with the devil forest watchman, because Aji Saka refused enslaved by demonic gatekeepers for ten years before being allowed to pass through the forest.

But thanks to the miracle, Aji Saka managed to escape from the vicious flame. Shortly after praying Aji Saka, a beam of light from the sky hit the yellow highlight demons at once eliminate forest dwellers.

Aji Saka arrived in Medang Kamulan quiet. In the palace, King of the Gods are angry because Patih Cengkar Young Jugul not bring the victim to the King.

With bold, facing King Aji Saka Cengkar Gods and gave himself to be eaten by the King in exchange for the use of the land area of ​​the turban.

When they are measuring soil on demand Aji Saka, turban stretches so wide breadth exceeds King of Gods kingdom Cengkar. King was angry after knowing the real intentions of Aji Saka was to end his despotism.

When the King of the Gods Cengkar angry, Aji Saka turban wrapped strongly around the body of the King. King of the Gods Cengkar body thrown Aji Saka and crashed into the sea south and was lost in the waves.

Aji Saka then crowned king Medang Kamulan. He brought his father to the palace. Thanks to a just and wise government, Aji Saka kingdom Medang Kamulan to deliver the golden era, an era where people live quiet, peaceful, prosperous and prosperous.

Aji Saka

Dahulu kala, ada sebuah kerajaan bernama Medang Kamulan yang diperintah oleh raja bernama Prabu Dewata Cengkar yang buas dan suka makan manusia. Setiap hari sang raja memakan seorang manusia yang dibawa oleh Patih Jugul Muda. Sebagian kecil dari rakyat yang resah dan ketakutan mengungsi secara diam-diam ke daerah lain.

Di dusun Medang Kawit ada seorang pemuda bernama Aji Saka yang sakti, rajin dan baik hati. Suatu hari, Aji Saka berhasil menolong seorang bapak tua yang sedang dipukuli oleh dua orang penyamun. Bapak tua yang akhirnya diangkat ayah oleh Aji Saka itu ternyata pengungsi dari Medang Kamulan. Mendengar cerita tentang kebuasan Prabu Dewata Cengkar, Aji Saka berniat menolong rakyat Medang Kamulan. Dengan mengenakan serban di kepala Aji Saka berangkat ke Medang Kamulan.

Perjalanan menuju Medang Kamulan tidaklah mulus, Aji Saka sempat bertempur selama tujuh hari tujuh malam dengan setan penunggu hutan, karena Aji Saka menolak dijadikan budak oleh setan penunggu selama sepuluh tahun sebelum diperbolehkan melewati hutan itu.

Tapi berkat kesaktian nya, Aji Saka berhasil mengelak dari semburan api si setan. Sesaat setelah Aji Saka berdoa, seberkas sinar kuning menyorot dari langit menghantam setan penghuni hutan sekaligus melenyapkan-nya.

Aji Saka tiba di Medang Kamulan yang sepi. Di istana, Prabu Dewata Cengkar sedang murka karena Patih Jugul Muda tidak membawa korban untuk sang Prabu.

Dengan berani, Aji Saka menghadap Prabu Dewata Cengkar dan menyerahkan diri untuk disantap oleh sang Prabu dengan imbalan tanah seluas serban yang digunakan nya.

Saat mereka sedang mengukur tanah sesuai permintaan Aji Saka, serban terus memanjang sehingga luasnya melebihi luas kerajaan Prabu Dewata Cengkar. Prabu marah setelah mengetahui niat Aji Saka sesungguhnya adalah untuk mengakhiri kelalimannya.

Ketika Prabu Dewata Cengkar sedang marah, serban Aji Saka melilit kuat di tubuh sang Prabu. Tubuh Prabu Dewata Cengkar di lempar Aji Saka dan jatuh ke laut selatan kemudian hilang ditelan ombak.

Aji Saka kemudian dinobatkan menjadi raja Medang Kamulan. Ia memboyong ayahnya ke istana. Berkat pemerintahan yang adil dan bijaksana, Aji Saka menghantarkan Kerajaan Medang Kamulan ke jaman keemasan, jaman dimana rakyat hidup tenang, damai, makmur dan sejahtera.


Semoga Bermanfaat Sahabat KBI 🙂


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