Contoh Naskah Drama Bahasa Inggris Tentang Kehidupan Keluarga Untuk 8 Orang

Contoh Naskah Drama Bahasa Inggris Tentang Kehidupan Keluarga Untuk 8 Orang

Contoh Naskah Drama Bahasa Inggris Tentang Kehidupan Keluarga 8 Orang – Hai pengunjung setia KBI, masih semangat belajar Bahasa Inggris Kan ? Kali ini admin akan membagikan, sebuah drama yang diambil dari sebuah kumpulan seni pertunjukan dari Pendidikan Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris Universitas Lampung.

Drama ini berjudul Exquisite Man yang mengisahkan sebuah kehidupan keluarga yang mengalami bermacam-mcam persoalan akan tetapi karena cinta semua permasalahan itu bisa teratasi dengan baik. Ingn tahu bagaimana isi ceritanya. Langsung saja simak naskah dramanya berikut ini!!!

  Naskah drama untuk 8 orang dalam bahasa inggris

“Exquisite MAN”

(scene 1) The sun goes down and the stars turn out to make the dim sky looks excellent. Umi Badriah is showing numerous sort of supplications to God to her flawless girl, her just kid, named Maysaroh. She truly glad for Maysaroh. (adzan is calling… )

Maysaroh: “ya ayyuhal ladziina aamanu kutiba alaikumus siyam kama kutiba alal ladziina min koblikum la’allakum tattakuun”

Umi Badriah: Alhamdullilah, you can recount it fluently,dear.

Maysaroh: yes mother. In any case, why do you generally show me anything about religion mother? What for?

Umi Badriah: obviously for you, dear. Why do I generally show you in this way, those petitions to God will secure you wherever you remain. Whether you are in school, market, or in every spot that I can not control you. So that Alloh will ensure you, dear.

Umi Badriah: sstt… why do you say as much, dear? Your father is as yet living up to expectations in Jakarta. He looking much cash to our necessities, for your school as well.

Maysaroh: Oh mother, you generally say as much. In the event that my father truly work in Jakarta, searching much cash for us, then why you never allow me to see him there?! At any rate, let me express profound gratitude for his willing to fullfill our necessities.

Umi Badriah: you don’t it to, dear. Simply leave it alone. Lets appeal to God for him. Might Alloh dependably make father glad, wellbeing, and continue working there.

Maysaroh: however till when, mother? Since I was youngster, you seperate me from him. I can not hold up any longer. I truly miss him, mother.

Umi Badriah: hussstt!!! Enough dear. Try not to speak a lot about it. Indeed, I need to set up our dinnerand you need to keep this thing perfectly. At that point we will eat together. Alright my dear?

Maysaroh: ah, alright mother!

Umi Badriah goes to kitchen. Maysaroh clean up her shroud. All of a sudden, she finds an old bit of paper which state somebody address on it.

Maysaroh: ouch!! Whose location is this? Is this location fit in with my dad’s location? (Maysaroh converses with herself)

(scane 2) At School. The chime is ringing, Maysaroh, Zahra, dan Amy are going to canteento take a rest. (landed in container)

Maysaroh: fellows, I need to let you know something. I truly need to go to Jakarta to meet my dad, however I don’t have any consent from my mother to go there. She cautions me not to meet him.

Zahra+Amy: why your mom doesn’t offer consent to meet your dad?

Maysaroh: yes, my mother said that I will be dissapoint in the event that I know the truth. However, I truly need to know where my dad is. It is safe to say that he is great or not? Where is my dad’s work? I simply realize that he just gives some cash for us.

Zahra: Maysaroh, enough!.. you have to hear your mom. You can not allow her to sit unbothered in here. Adjacent to that you have never came to Jakarta.

Maysaroh: at the same time, I truly need to meet my dad. I need to see his face. Somebody who battles for my life and my gang.

Zahra: yet your mom does not release you to there. Would regardless you like to go there even your mom doesn not release you?

Amy: however hold up… what’s wrong if a kid needs to meet her father> when did the last time that you met him?

Maysaroh: ehm… when I was tyke around 15 years back. I miss him alot. I miss when I was playing in the downpour with him, singing with him together. Ohh.. 

Amy: alright, now you have grow up. I propose that you have better go to Jakarta.

Zahra: however eventhough you have grow up, you have to hear your mom. She knows not you.

Maysaroh: be calm… .

Amy: its better for you to go. It’s a correct time to meet your dad. is it accurate to say that it isn’t? Trust me.

Zahra: don’t Maysaroh. Consider your mom! She will be separated from everyone else. Jakarta is too wide, why you can meet only him?

Amy: trust me, Maysaroh. Go now!! Before you lament with your own particular decission.

Maysaroh: alright, I go home first. I have to plan for tomorrow.

Zahra and Amy go.

While in transit to home, Aldi comes to room.

Amy: I believe, its Aldi. I am certain, he is Aldi!! (welcomes) Aldi, where you wanna go? Is it accurate to say that you are distant from everyone else? Would I be able to go with you ?

Aldi: do you know where is Maysaroh?

Amy: huft..  Maysaroh again Maysaroh once more. I don’t presently. She went home an hours back.

Aldi: alright, I will discover her. Much appreciated.

Amy: why are you in rush? Do we eat together?

Aldi: I don’t have much time. I have to discover Maysaroh now. Bye.

Amy: you generally like that. Up to you. Discover your Maysaroh!!

Zahra is advancing.

Aldi: hello Zahra. From where? Do you know Maysaroh?

Zahra: she said that she needed to go to Jakarta tomorrow. She needed to meet her dad.

Aldi: what?! Jakarta?

Zahra: why? Is there anything incorrectly?

Aldi: there is something critical that I need to tell herbut I never can discover her.

Zahra: do you have an issue with Maysaroh? Do you call her?

Aldi: yes I have. However, she generally dismiss my telephone. Everytime I generally search for her yet she generally disregard me. Presently, I comprehend why she did it.

Zahra: gracious… you can let me know your issue, now.

Aldi: “confuce” hmmmm…

Zahra: trust me. I can keep your mystery. Try not to stress.

Aldi: alright, long time back, we did a sex. You know what I mean?

Zahra: what? Truly?!

Aldi: yes. I am not kidding.

Zahra: goodness God! So what is your arrangement, now?

Aldi: I think, it is the impact from us. I accept that Maysaroh is pregnant.

Zahra: goodness, God!

Aldi: would you be able to help me, Zahra? Let me know when she is returning from Jakarta. If its not too much trouble advise her, I have been searching for her barely. I don’t her to handle it itself. In addition, to advise her mom. Advise her I will be a capable gentleman.

Zahra: alright fis. I will advise her when she is returning from Jakarta. Be understanding.

Aldi: alright, thanks alot.

(scane 3) Maysaroh touches base in Jakarta. She searches confuce to searching for her dad’s home. Since it is the first run through for her to visit Jakarta. In the wake of strolling long road, she looks to the adress in the post card. At long last, she touches base in that place. At that point, she strolls to the shop.

Maysaroh: pardon me, mam. Do you know this spot? (demonstrating her post card)

Nabila: let me see. (guiding the pace) that place?! Do you searching for somebody?

Maysaroh: yes mam. I am searching for Mr. Fikri.

Nabila: Fikri? Who are him? There is no Fikri here. Goodness, Ipin. You mean Ipin? Who are you?

Maysaroh: Ipin? Goodness.. I am his girl.

Nabila: his girl? Is it accurate to say that you are joking me? He has a little girl, hasn’t he?

Maysaroh: what’s wrong, mam?

Nabila: ehmm… overlook it. He is not home in this time like this. Yet, simply attempt to go to 3rd story in 413.

Maysaroh: much thanks, mam.

Nabila: yes. On the off chance that you can not meet him, you can discover him at that extension.

(tutup hordeng) (buka hordeng)

Maysaroh: “tok.. tok.. tok… ” assalamuallaikum.. anyone home? Perhaps no one here. I will go to the extension to discover him.

(tutup tirai) (buka tirai)

Ipin: “free act”

Madam Tuso : hey Ipin.! The amount you get today?

Ipin: nothing. I don’t got anything. I am simply here.

Madam Tuso : did you win this evening? Thursday night, am I right?

Ipin: hahahaha… do you have cigarrete?

Madam Tuso : no. Release you to Nabila’s shop.

Ipin: akhh… I will go there. I am so insane at this point. Bye saiiiii

Madam Tuso : ohh.. go… bye cinnnt…

(tutup tirai) (buka tirai)

Ipin: mak… ciggarette please.. one.

Nabila: this! Ehh cint.. a few seconds ago, there is a woman searching for you. Did you meet her?

Ipin: woman? Who? No!

Nabila: yes chint. Young woman. She wears a head spread.

Ipin: to which ways?

Nabila: (guiding the way) a little while ago I saw toward that scaffold.

Ipin: alright mak bless your heart.. I will go there now. Obligation again mak… (running)

Nabila: pay it! Huh your obl is too much. Ipin!!!!

(tutup tirai) (buka tirai)

Maysaroh is leaving, and Ipin pursuing her.

Ipin: woy!!! Stop!

Maysaroh: yes. You call me?

Ipin: why you search for me? I am Fikri.

Maysaroh: father.. (embracing)

Ipin: father? did I wed with you mother?

Maysaroh: don’t you know me? I am Maysaroh. Your little girl.

Ipin: Maysaroh? What’s going on with you here? Is it on account of cash?

Maysaroh: no. I never mean like that. I just wanna meet you, father.

Ipin: “bekep mulut” hey!!! Try not to call me father! I am not your dad any longer! What do you need at this point?

Maysaroh: I just need to meet you, father. Be that as it may, (muntah)

Ipin: would you say you are wiped out? Have you eaten?

Maysaroh: I am alright father. Not yet.  I have not eat anything from early today.

Ipin: bitch! Alright, tail me now! Be that as it may, don’t excessively close from me.

Maysaroh: yes, father. “grin” 

(Tutup hordeng) (buka hordeng)