Contoh Naskah Drama Bahasa Inggris Tentang Kehidupan Keluarga Untuk 8 Orang

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Watress: eat what? (sinis)

Ipin: espresso. You nur?!

Maysaroh: bread and hot tea, father.

Ipin: cincong yahh… don’t call me father!! I am not your dad!

Ipin: eh.. cigarrete!

Server: alright. A moment.

Ipin: eh, do you feel embarrassed to run with me?

Maysaroh: no, why you say that?

Ipin: moron. Take a gander at me. Furthermore, take a gander at you! Its like sky and earth!

Server: here you are.

Maysaroh: bless your heart.

Ipin: eat that!

Maysaroh: alright father.

Ipin: is it wonderful?

Maysaroh: “ngangguk” yes father. I wanna go to the can.

Ipin: hmm..

“Maysaroh ke WC muntah dan buka jilbab”

Maysaroh: “grin” would you be able to see me now? We are not diverse any longer. Will we talk once more?

Ipin: ” bengong”

Maysaroh: father?

Ipin: heh. Iyeesss.. what do you do now? What about your mom?

Maysaroh: she is alright father. Why you never visit me and mother? We’ve missed you..

Ipin: who are you? I am working here! Cash? Its for you and your mother. What about your school?

Maysaroh: alhamdullilah… I am graduated, father. Presently, I wanna go to enlist a course.

Ipin: “gebrak meja” in this way, you discover me just for asking cash and cash!!!

Maysaroh: no, father. I just need to meet you. Just it.

Ipin: alright. Since this is the first run through for you come to Jakarta,I will manage you. Yet, only for this evening! Alright.

Maysaroh: yet father…

Ipin: quiet! Btw, your mom doesn’t have any acquaintance with you are here, correct?

Maysaroh: no father. I was going when she’s not home. However, I leave a note for her. I’ve advised her that I’ll see you.

Ipin: ohh… .

(roy masuk dan ngeliat Ipin sama Maysaroh)

Ipin: child… what are you doing here?

Roy: who is he?

Ipin: goodness she? She is just my old story.

Roy: would you say you are occupied child? (touch Ipin’s boob)

Ipin: ohh,,, dear.. its been long time we are not… . hey Maysaroh! Go out. Hold up me there!

Maysaroh: alright father.

Ipin: so where?

Roy: there!

Ipin: alright go ahead… .

(tirai tutup, lempar kolor baju) (buka tirai)

(roy ngerapihin baju, Ipin di belakang cengengesan)

Roy: OMG! Ipin! Its truly fulfilling as a result of you. Tomorrow again I will call you, alright? (kiss) this is for you.

Ipin: thanks child…

Roy: I go now. Bear in mind to call me tomorrow.

Ipin: alright mas… (kiss)

(mereka keluar semua) (hordeng tutup)

(Maysaroh diajak jalan-jalan ke jakarta buat malam ini aja. Akhirnya dia diajak ke tempat mangkal dan ngenalin ke madam)

Ipin: madam, this is my girl.

Madam tuso: you have a girl? Truly? Hahahaha

Ipin: haha,, its valid.

Maysaroh: howdy sir, eh mam, eh .. Maysaroh.

Madam tuso: decent name. Have a supper?

Maysaroh: I have mam, alhamdullilah…

(lagu chifehat sambil ketawa-ketawa)

Ipin: ehh.. its near to first light. I will go now.

Madam tuso: its snappier? Truly? Cockerel hasn’t wake up.

Ipin: kelessssssssssssss… bye madam.

Madam tuso: yoaaa…

(Ipin keluar, hordeng tutup) (buka hordeng)

Ipin: You are in what month?

Maysaroh: what do you mean, father?

Ipin: pregnant, correct? Wouldn’t you say I can’t figure.

Maysaroh: how would you know, father? I am in the eight weeks.

Ipin: idihh… you are wearing a head spread, however you are be pregnant by gentleman before marriage.

Maysaroh: I don’t recognize what you mean, father.

Ipin: helehh… . so what will you do?

Maysaroh: I don’t know how to, father. Give me a proposal father, please! I am truly confuced.

Ipin: does your mom know it?

Maysaroh: no, father.

Ipin: anyway, what do you need?

Maysaroh really, I wanna make my tyke grow up later. In any case, I am perplexed I can not do as such. I am frightened that my kid will be left by her father later. Much the same as me.

Ipin: you mean? I am abandoning you and your mom is for working! Take much cash for you.

Maysaroh: all in all, do you think, what would it be advisable for me to do?

Ipin: who is your beau? It is safe to say that he is pussy like me?

Maysaroh: no, father. He simply regular fellow in the main residence…

Ipin: all in all, what’s the issue? In any event he is not care for me.

Maysaroh: all in all, what I am going to do?

(adzan subuh)

Ipin: adzan. Don’t you sholat?

Maysaroh: I do, father. You?

Ipin: no. Genuinely, on the off chance that I heard adzan, I feel so great.

Maysaroh: alright…

Ipin: I’ll hold up here..

(roy dan kawanannya datang ke Ipin)

Roy: woy!!! Ipin!

Ipin: eh child…

Roy: don’t call me child! What’s the deal with you here?! You do repant? Hahaha

Ipin: no. Its not care for that. I am taken a rest here.

Roy: halah!!! Don’t ack so sensational before me! I realize that you have Aids, would it say it isn’t? F*ck you! I realize that its tainting me!

Ipin: hahh? No!!! Who’s said?

Roy: don’t be a liar!!! I need to go to specialist!

Ipin: be that as it may, I don’t have a cash now.

Roy: goodness, its simple for you to say that! Presently, tail me.

(roy narik Ipin dari masjid, dan kawanannya mukulin sampe babak belur)

(setting: subsequent to imploring subuh, Maysaroh discovers her dad unconciously)

Ipin: about-face home! You said that you just need to meet your dad. you do!

Maysaroh: however I wanna return home with my dad. with you!

Ipin: unimaginable! I need to stay here. I need to work!

Maysaroh: however I wanna be with you!

Ipin: stop it, nur. Try not to expect excessively. Poor your mother sitting tight for you.

Maysaroh: however I wanna be with you! I require you! In what capacity would I be able to disclose this pregnancy to mother?! I can not do that! I require you, father.

Ipin: akhh… don’t be a busybody! Each issue ought to be confronted. You can, nur.

Maysaroh: hmm… alright (moan). Release me home. Wish me best for every one of these things, father. Asalamuallaikum… I won’t guarantee to keep this pregnancy, father…

(nur going without end)

(Ipin stands up from sitting and rushed to embrace Nur)

Ipin: gives up home, little girl!

(tutup tirai) (buka tirai)

(Ipin pake peci, baju koko. )

(mother and Maysaroh pake mukena)

(Ipin gelar sajadah diikuti mother and Maysaroh.)

( jojo mimpin sholat)

(tutup tirai) (buka tirai)

(closing) end…

Semoga Bermanfaat Para Pengunjung Setia KBI 🙂