Contoh Soal Dialogue Dalam Bahasa Inggris Untuk SMP Kelas 8

Contoh Soal Dialogue Dalam Bahasa Inggris Untuk SMP Kelas 8




Hallo sahabat KBI, bagaimana kabarnya hari ini? Kali ini kita akan membahas materi bahasa inggris yang berhubungan dengan dialogue dalam bahasa inggris. Apakah sahabat KBI sering melakukan sebuah dialogue?

Dialogue merupakan suatu kegiatan berbicara antara dua orang untuk menukar sebuah informasi. Dialogue sendiri dapat dilakukan dengan siapapun, Dialogue sendiri melibatkan skill listening dan speaking. Why? Karena kita harus mendengar dan berbicara mengenai suatu hal dengan seseorang.

Yuk , kita berlatih bahasa inggris melalui soal dialogue. Langsung simak ya sahabat KBI J


A.Read the text


Her debut album sold more than 10 million coppies worldwide and won a record-tying five grammys. Now the 22-year-old Alicia keys had to feel a bit apprehensive about the release of her shopomore disc, The diary of Alicia keys. Here is a chitchat with her.


Journalist : You are doing many tours now, aren’t you?

Keys : Yes, I am promoting my new album now

Journalist : do you have any crazy fans?

Keys : well, some of them are crazy, but so far they don’t do anything negative

Journalist : you write songs, don’t you?

Keys : I do

Journalist : Do you have to be in a special mood to write a song?

Keys : I find that whatever mood I’m in, I have to feel it strongly. If I feel strongly happy, then I write about it. So, not any particular mood, but just a strong one.

Journalist : You left school early, didn’t you?

Keys : Yes, I did

Journalist : Do you feel you missed out on anything?

Keys : No, I am too busy. I have to be in the studio, I have a good time, and I have a big limo. Do I feel missed out on anything? No.

Journalist : you won’t record a hip hop track, will you?

Keys : (Laugh) I don’t know yet, but if I feel like trying something like that, then I will.


B.Answer the questions. Do it in your workbook.


1.Who is alicia keys?

2.Does she have to be in a special mood to write a song?

3.why did she leave school early?

4.What is the title of her second album?

5.Will Alicia keys record a hip hop album in the future?

Semoga bermanfaat Untuk Sahabat KBI semua 🙂

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