Contoh Soal ‘Vocabulary’ Dalam Bahasa Inggris Paling Lengkap

Contoh Soal ‘Vocabulary’ Dalam Bahasa Inggris Paling Lengkap


Contoh Soal 'Vocabulary' Dalam Bahasa Inggris Paling Lengkap
Contoh Soal ‘Vocabulary’ Dalam Bahasa Inggris Paling Lengkap


Materi bahasa inggris kali ini berhubungan dengan vocabulary atau kosakata dalam bahasa inggris, sahabat KBI pasti paham bukan bahwa bahasa inggris memang memiliki banyak sekali kosakata atau vocabulary?. Bagi pembelajar bahasa inggris, sangat penting untuk menguasai kosakata, mengapa? karena dengan banyak nya kosakata, maka kita juga akan semakin mahir dalam bahasa inggris,  Berikut ini admin berikan contoh soal yang berhubungan dengan vocabulary, check this out guys!

Fill the blanks with suitable words in the box. Be careful because there are more words than the blanks.

  • Hardworking
  • strict
  • caring
  • lazy
  • well-organized
  • Disciplined
  • helpful
  • Rude
  • bad tempered
  • nosy


John Beatty and Ken Nunan are senior managers of Nuhouse Co., one of the leading real estate companies in England. They are candidates to replace Carter williamson, The CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the company, who plans to retire this year.

John Beatty has been working for 15 years in the company. He is a 1._______man. He works night and day and he can sell more houses than any other manager in the company. He is a very 2._______man. He will not tolerate any mistakes made by his subordinates. many of his co-workers do not like him because when he gets angry, he often uses bad language. John beatty is a 3._______and 4._____person. On the other hand, every body loves Ken Nunan. He is very 5._______and 6.______He will try his best to help his subordinates who need his assistance. However, Ken is also 7______person. He makes sure his subordinates follow the company’s rules and be 8._____. he is upset when reports and files are missing.

Arrange these jumbled letters into meaningful adjectives that describe someone’s personality traits.

1.D-i-n-k =___________

2.s-r-c-t-i-t =_________

3.R-c-a-n-i-g =________

4.m-u-t-a-e-r =________

5.R-a-r-o-n-a-g-t =_________

6.g-n-e-u-e-s-o-r =_________

7.u-d-e-s-i-p-i-d-l-n-c =______

8.r-a-h-o-w-k-r-g-i-n-d =________

Semoga dapat bermanfaat dan menjadi refernsi belajar untuk sahabat KBI semua ya 🙂