Contoh Soal Writing Reports Bahasa Inggris Untuk SMP Kelas 9

Contoh Soal Writing Reports Bahasa Inggris Untuk SMP Kelas 9



Writing merupakan salah satu bentuk skill dalam bahasa inggris yang juga wajib untuk kita kuasai. Writing sendiri memiliki banyak jenisnya, salah satunya adalah bentuk soal yang akan kita bahas kali ini, yaitu mengenai mangrove.

Wah seperti apa contohnya dalam bahasa inggris? Langsung saja simak yuk berikut ini yuk J

  1. Match the words in box A with the words in box B to make noun phrase. Write sentences usng those noun phrase. Do it in your work book.


Yellow                                               Swamps

Big                                                      Birds

Deep                                                    Tree

Large                                                   Root

Colorful                                               Fish

High                                                    Flower


B.Arrange and rewrite the below report in the correct subheadings. Do it with your friend. Do it in your workbook.



Mangroves are trees or woody plants that grow in shallow and muddy salt water, such as those along shorelines.



Mangroves swamps ca be found in tropical and subtropical areas. They provide excellent places to stay and feed many fish, invertibrates and birds, such as white-crowned pigeons.



Its seeds are unusual because they start to grow seedlings while still on the tree. The seedlings are cigar-shaped and heavier at the root end than at the leafy end. They plant themselves in the mud below and parent tree, when the leaves are falling.




Mangrove is the usual name for several kinds of tropical flowering plants. They are divided into three different families. Most important species is the red mangrove, so named because of its reddish wood. It has been exploited as a source of chorcoal and tannins, which are used in preparing leather.

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