Kumpulan Contoh Bahasa Inggris SMP (Reading Text) Terbaik

Kumpulan Contoh Bahasa Inggris SMP (Reading Text) Terbaik

Kumpulan Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris SMP  – Para siswa SD, SMP, dan SMA tentunya membutuhkan kumpulan soal Bahasa inggris untuk mengukur kemampuan mereka. Kebetulan sekali admin akan membagikan kumpulan contoh soal Bahasa inggris untuk siswa SMP. Walaupun pilihan ganda lebih mudah tapi kita tetap harus mempersiapkan dengan matang. Untuk siapkan lah kamus atau translator dalam berlatih mengerjakan soal reading dibawah ini. Langsung saja kita simak kumpulan contoh soal Bahasa Inggris SMP dibawah ini. Check This Out!!!!

Kumpulan Contoh Bahasa Inggris SMP (Reading Text) Terbaik
Kumpulan Contoh Bahasa Inggris SMP (Reading Text) Terbaik

Kumpulan Soal Bahasa Inggris SMP (Reading Text) Terbaru

Reading text

Quite a while prior there was a shrewd individual called Abu Nawas. He was so celebrated in light of the fact that his virtuoso thoughts when tackling issues. One day, Lord Ridwan, the King of Alabasta where Abu Nawas lived reported that there would be a rival and the champ will get an extraordinary prize. He tested the greater part of the members to full a room by anything they needed to fill in one day. Abu Nawas was intrigued and went along with it on the grounds that he could impart the prizes to vagrants. He was a kind and accommodating individual.
The day of rivalry began. The main hopeful attempted to fill the room by sand, lamentably he couldn’t complete it on the grounds that he was so drained conveying so much sand. At that point the following contender attempted to fill it with water, sadly, the water was dependably insufficient in light of the fact that the floor assimilated it and there were an excessive amount of gaps in the room. The opposition proceeded with and there was nobody could complete it. There were such a variety of competitors got befuddled and surrendered in light of the fact that the test was so difficult.
At last, his swing came to him. He just brought a flame that made numerous individuals giggled at him in light of the fact that he just brought it. They thought Abu Nawas was insane in light of the fact that a candle couldn’t fill the room until full. He simply grinned at them and when he was in the room, he simply take a seat and begin to light the flame. At that point he shut the room and said that the room was loaded with light. The Lord grinned at him and felt fulfilled. He merited the prize and after that he declared to share it to the vagrants when he got it. The individuals hollered and applauded conceding his cleverness and generosity.


1. Which of the accompanying would be the best title?
a. Abu Nawas and the Pirates
b. Abu Nawas and the King
c. Abu Nawas and his candle
d. Abu Nawas and the vagrants

2. What is the principle thought of the second passage?
a. The contender fill the room with sand
b. The room was loaded with water
c. The test was so difficult and nobody could complete it
d. Everyone could complete the test

3. Which of the accompanying is NOT said in the content?
a. Abu Nawas was a shrewd and kind individual
b. The principal candidate couldn’t complete it in light of the fact that he tired conveying water.
c. Individuals chuckled when Abu Nawas just brought a light
d. The Orphans additionally got the prize by Abu Nawas

4. The word his in the keep going sentence alludes to…
a. Master Ridwan
b. Individuals
c. The Orphans
d. Abu Nawas

5. The word insane in section 3 has comparable importance with…
a. Astute
b. Nitwit
c. Furious
d. Senseless

6. The word surrendered in section 2 has comparable importance with…
a. Surrender
b. Proceed
c. Not great
d. Debilitated


1. What do you think about Abu Nawas?
2. What is the ethical estimation of the story?
3. How does Abu Nawas win the opposition?
4. In the event that you were the Lord of Alabasta, what sort of test will youNb : the teacher could just easily choose paper based test or asks the students to deliver and expresses their ideas orally by using the essay questions.


Ya demikianlah kumpulan soal reading dalam bahasa inggris. Semoga dengan berlatih mengerjakan soal ini dapat membantu teman-teman dalam persiapan Ujian Nasional terbaru. Sehingga hasil nta bisa memuaskan. Terima kasih.!!!!