Kumpulan Soal Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 8 Paling Lengkap

Kumpulan Soal Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 8 Paling Lengkap


Kumpulan Soal Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 8 Paling Lengkap
Kumpulan Soal Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 8 Paling Lengkap


Hallo sahabat KBI, bingung mau belajar bahasa inggris tapi minim bahan atau materi? disini admin akan memberikan solusi bagi sahabat KBI untuk belajar bahasa inggris khusus kelas 8 SMP, yuk langsung saja kita latihan mengenai soal-soal nya dalam bahasa inggris, check this out 🙂

1.What is the picture shown?
a. leg
c. chin
b. face
d. arm

2.We can touch and hold something with. It has five fingers. What is it?
a. hand
c. foot
b. knee
d. food

3.Tono has ……………………..
a. headache
c. stomachache
b. backache
d. earache

4.How do you express sympathy.
Roni: What’s the problem with you Erni?
Erni: I have a terrible cough.
Roni: …………………………………
a. How nice
c. What can I do for you?
b. I’m sorry to hear that.
d. That’s
a pity you are.

5.Dodi : My sister, Eni, gets sick easily.
Meta : She must ……………………
a. brush her teeth regularly
c. lift something heavy
b. eat much candy
d. take some minerals and vitamin

Number 6 -7  Fill in the blanks with suitable verbs of present perfect tense. .
6.Budi …………………….. in SMP 3 since 2006.
a. has studied
b. have studied
c. studied
d. studies

7.They………………………..Indonesia for ten years.

a. speaking
b. have spoken
c. speaks
d. has spoken
Number 8. fill in the blanks with past continuous tense.

8.He…………………..his leg when he was playing football

a. is breaking
b. broke
c. break
d. broken

9.Susi has a headache. Which medicine she must take?

a. CMI-Sunny chlorell
b. Rub-in lespain
c. Biogesico
d. Not at all

10.Udin has a pain in his right eye. Does he need to rub his eye with balm?

a. Yes, he does

b. No, he doesn’t

c. yes, she is

d. No, he isn’t

We have been growing since we were born. We grow and chan
ge continuously. No wonder, there are a lot of changes in our lives. We are getting bigger, taller, faster and more intelligent. Physical changes started when we were babies and make maximum progress when we’re teenagers. We were around 49 cm long when we were babies and 140 cm tall when we were kids. Entering the teenage period, however, we can reach up to 160 or more. It is really fantastic.

11.Have you been growing since you were born?
a. Yes, we do
c. Yes, I have
b. No, we don’t
d. No, I haven’t

12.When do we have physical changes?
a. when we are babies
c. forever
b. when we are teenagers
d. when we are babies to teenagers

Nina is Riko’s old friend. They were classmates when they were studying in elementary school. They hane never met each other since Riko and his family moved to Jakarta. Now, Riko is in Bandung for a family visit. He accidentally meets Nina.
Riko: Hi, Nina. Long time no see. How are you?
Nina : Hello, Riko. Very well, thanks. And you?
Riko : Not bad. Thanks.
Nina : What brings you here, Riko?
Riko : I’m on my holiday. I’m visiting my granny.
Nina : How long are you staying here?
Riko : I’m not sure. Probably two days.
Nina : That’s not long enough. Anyway, are you free this evening?

3 Riko : I don’t think so. We ‘re celebrating my granny’s birthday.
Nina : How about tomorrow? Are you doing anything tomorrow?
Riko : Whay time?
Nina : Say, at 3 p.m
13.Did Riko lived in Bandung?
a. yes, he did
b. no. he didn’t
c. yes, they did
d. no, they didn’t

14.Who visited grandmother?
a. Riko did
c. Riko and his family did
b. Nina did
d. Nina and her family did
Fill in the blanks with Present Continuous Tense.
15.They ………………………. Nina’s birthday.
a. are celebrating
b. celebrate
c. celebrates
d. celebrating

Number 16-17 fill in the blanks with Past Continuous tense.
When Rudi …….(16)………… to the market, he ….(17)……. some money.
16.a. walk
b. walked
c. was walking
d. is walking

17.a. find
b. found
c. was finding
d. is finding

Butet and Iwan are talking about
the traditional games festival they have just visited.
Iwan : Well, it was a nice festival, wasn’t it?
Butet : Yes, it really was. The games were very interesting.
Iwan : Did you meet Shanti, the EQS reporter?
Butet : Yes, I met her outside the studio.
She was with two people from foreign countries. Their names are Rustu and Kirsten. I think they really enjoyed the festival.
Iwan : I also enjoyed the festival. But I think we can be very tired after playing all of those games. I think video games are more relaxing. We don’t need to run a lot.
Butet : Perhaps you are right. But, don’t you think games like pulu-pulu and hide and seek are more challenging? We can play and do some sports at the same time. They are more tiring than video games but better for our health.
Iwan : I see your point.
Butet : Besides, we also have some other games which don’t need much movement likecongklak or bekel. Tell me, which one is more exciting, playing traditional games in
the yards with your friends or playing video games in your room?
Iwan : Yeah, I guess playing with many friends is more enjoyable.
Butet : And video games are more expensive than traditional games aren’t they?

18.What festival have Butet and Iwan just visited?
a. traditional festival
b. traditional games festi
c. games festival
d. video games festival

19.Did they like the festival?
a. yes, they did
b. yes, they are
c. yes, they do
d. no, they don’t

20.Are all traditional games more tiring than video games?

a. yes, they are
b. No, they aren’t
c. yes, it is
d. no, it isn’t
Airplane can fly 150 km/hour
A Bus can run 120km/hour.
A Bicycle can run 40 km/ hour

21.An Airplane is the ……………………..

a. fastest
b. faster
c. fast
d. slow

22.A bicycle is ……………………………..than a bus

a. fast
b. faster
c. slow
d. slower

23.In the last examination, Andi got 9 in history, 8 for English, and 7 in Math. So, Andi got the………………in History

a. good
b. bad
c. better
d. best

Although congklak is very popular in Indonesia but some strong evidence shows that

congkiak originated in many other places with the most ancient culture. People in most countries in Africa know this game as Wari. Some findings in Jordan, Middle East, have proved that people already played congklak around 9000 years ago. These findings do not only make congklak as the most popular game but also the oldest game in human civilization.

24.Where does congklak originally from?
a. Indonesia
b. Africa
c. Jordan
d. Middle East

25.Country from Middle East in the text above is……..

a. Indonesia
b. Africa
c. Jordan
d. Wari

Semoga bermanfaat dan bisa menjadi referensi belajar ya sahabat KBI 🙂