Kumpulan Soal Dependent Dan Independent Clause Beserta Jawaban Lengkap

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Kumpulan Soal Dependent Dan Independent Clause Beserta Jawaban Lengkap


Kumpulan Soal Dependent Dan Independent Clause Beserta Jawaban Lengkap
Kumpulan Soal Dependent Dan Independent Clause Beserta Jawaban Lengkap


Hallo sahabat BI yang sedang semanagt belajar bahasa inggris, pada kesempatan kali ini admin ingin memberikan materi kepada sahabat KBI mengenai dependent dan independent clause dalam bahasa inggris, pada materi sebelumnya kita telah membahas mengenai dependent dan indepent clause bukan dalam bentuk penjelasan lengkap? nah kali ini kita berlatih soal-soal nya, penasaran seperti apa? check this out!

1.1.The teacher asked “why did you come late, mary?”

The teacher asked why_____

A.she comes late

B.she had come late

C.Had she come late

D.She came late

Jawaban : B

Key word : Asked;did

2.Customer : Excuse me. Could you show me where the fitting room is?

Shop assistat : sure, it is over there

Customer : _______

Jawaban : D

Key word : customer

3.Kiranti said to Tono, “Did you finish your homework?”

Kiranti asked Tono______

A.whether he finished his homework

B.whether he has finished his homework

C.if he finished his homework

D.if he had finished his homework

Jawaban : D

Key word : Customer

4.Mr firdaus said to his man “who phoned me just now?” the sentence above is the some as_____

A.Mr firdaus wants to know who phoned him

B.Mr firdaus wanted to know who had phoned him

C.Mr firdaus wanted to know who phoned him

D.Mr firdaus asked him man who phoned him

Jawaban : C

Key word : said;who phoned me

5.No one is admitted the university____he or she passes the test





Jawaban : B

Key word : no one is admitted

6.”Do you borrow this book from the library?” asked deni. Deni wanted to know whether I______that book from the library.



C.wil borrow

D.have borrowed

Jawaban : B

Key word : wanted to know whether

7.The insect______bit my brother’s arm last night

A.A big spiderman with hairy legs

B.it is a big spider with hairy legs

C.a big spider which with hairylegs

D.which is a big hairy-legged spider

Jawaban : D

Key word : Insect;bit

8.Dono failed his exams. He was very unhappy if only Dono_____he would have passed his exams.

A.studied hard

B.had studied hard

C.was studying hard

D.has been studying hard

Jawaban : B

Key word : failed; if only

9.His father speaks french but his mother speaks English. This means___

A.his father and mother speak french and English

B.his father speaks french and his mother speaks English

C.His father speaks french and English

D.his mother speaks English and french

Jawaban : B

Key word : but

10.Mom : oh dear, didn’t I tell you to tidy this room?

Ani : mom, I couldn’t do it alone. Fery promised to help me but he went out. In the dialogue Ani’s mother wanted to know whether Ani____the room.

A.was tidying

B.would tidy

C.Had tidied

D.will tidy

Jawaban : C

Key word : Didn’t tell you

Happy Studying Sahabat KBI 🙂