Kumpulan Soal “PLURAL” Dalam Bahasa Inggris Lengkap

Kumpulan Soal “PLURAL” Dalam Bahasa Inggris Lengkap


Kumpulan Soal "PLURAL" Dalam Bahasa Inggris Lengkap
Kumpulan Soal “PLURAL” Dalam Bahasa Inggris Lengkap


Sahabat KBI pernah belajar mengenai plural dalam bahasa inggris? pasti tidak asing lagi bukan dengan kata tersebut? apa yang dimaksud dengan plural? yaps! plural merupakan bentuk jamak dalam bahasa inggris, sedangkan singular merupakan bentuk tunggal. Berikut ini akan admin berikan beberapa soal dalam bahasa inggris mngenai plural, silahkan sahabat KBI coba jawab ya? check this out 🙂

The following sentence have many mistakes in the use of nouns.

  • Find each noun
  • Dcide if the noun should be plural
  • write the correct plural form as necessary
  • Do not change any of the words in the sentences

1.The mountain in chile are beautiful.

—> The mountain in chile are beautiful

2.Car hunt mouse

3.Mosquito are small insect

4.Everyone has eyeslash.

5.Goose are larger than duck

6.What are your favorite radio program?

7.Forest sometimes have fire. Forest fire endanger wild animal

8.Sharp kitchen knife can be dangerous weapon

9.There are many different kind of people in the world

10.I applied to several foreign university because I want to study abroad next year

11.Ted lives with three other university student

12.The offspring of animal like horse, zebra and deer can run soon after they are born.

13.I like to read book and magazine article about true personal experience

14.Many modern device require battery to work. Flashlight, pocket calculator, portable radio, tape recorder and many kind of toy often need battery.

Find The nouns. Make them plural if necessary.

1.Whales look like fish, but they aren’t. They are mammal. Mouse, tiger.

2.And human being are other example of mammal. Whale are intelligent

3.Animal like dog and chimpanzee. Even though they live in sea, ocean and

4.River, whale are not fish. Fish lay egg and do not feed their offspring

5.mammal give birth to live offspring and feed them.

6.there are many kind of whale. most whale are huge creature. the

7.Largest whale are called blue whale. they can grow to 100 foot (30 meter) in

8.Length and can weigh 150 ton (135,000 kilogram). blue whale are much

9.Larger than elephant and larger than any of the now extinct dinosaur. The

10.Heart of an adult blue whale is about the size of a compact car. It’s main

11.Blood vessel, the aorta, is large enough for a person to crawl through.

Semangat belajar bahasa inggris ya sahabat KBI semua 🙂