Kumpulan Soal Speaking Untuk SMA Kelas 1 Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Kumpulan Soal Speaking Untuk SMA Kelas 1 Dalam Bahasa Inggris


Kumpulan Soal Speaking Untuk SMA Kelas 1 Dalam Bahasa Inggris
Kumpulan Soal Speaking Untuk SMA Kelas 1 Dalam Bahasa Inggris


Bahasa inggris memiliki 4 skill yang wajib untuk kita kuasai dan pahami, salah satu dari skill tersebut adalah speaking. Apakah sahabat KBI paham mengenai bagaimana speaking?

Yaps speaking merupakan salah satu skill yang berkaitan dengan berbicara, namun disini admin akan memberikan contoh soal kepada sahabat KBI yang berkaitan dengan speaking khusus untuk kalian yang ada di grade 10 atau kelas 10. Seperti apa contohnya? Yuk langsung kita kerjakan 🙂

Look at the dialogue below

Dialogue 1

Tom : We want to the railway station last sunday.


Sofia : Really?

Tom : we picked up an aunt of mine. She’s in town now

Sofia : straight from Canada?

Tom : No, she’s been in Indonesia for longer than we have.

Sofia : Been here before?

Tom : First time she’s been here

Sofia : what’s she said about our place?

Tom : well, she likes it, in a way. Friendly people, at least. she’s quite critical about the litter and smoke on the streets, though.

Sofia : That’s a shame, isn’t it?

Tom : Maybe. Anyway, she said people should care more about things around.

Sofia :Couldn’t agree more

Tom :Brough along some key holders. I’ve got a couple of them. want one?

Sofia : You can’t be serious!

Tom : yes, i am. you prefer pink or purple?

Sofia : Mini-mini-manimo. pink!

Tom : There you go.

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Sofia : Thanks a lot

Tom : sure

Sofia : When will she leave?

Tom : Not for quite a while. Four of five days. She said she should be back in office, Monday.

Sofia : I think you should introduce her to me

Tom : I sure will.

Dialogue 2

Tom : Good morning, Aunt lucy! How’s life?

Aunt Lucy : Never better, Tom. Ready  for school?

Tom : Yes, I’ve got to come early for a class meeting.

Aunt Lucky : I made some brownies. Want some?

Tom : Thank you, I would. Hem…. delicious. Ca I have money?

Aunt lucy : Sure, help yourself.

Tom : Thanks, Aunt lucy. bye!

Discuss the questions

  1. What are Tom and Sofia talking about?
  2. Is it the first time Aunt lucy has visited their town?
  3. What does aunt lucy like about the town?
  4. What doesn’t she like about the town?
  5. what is Tom offering to Sofia?
  6. How did sofia select the colour?
  7. Why did Tom go to school early?
  8. What did aunt lucy offer Tom?

Selamat mencoba untuk mengerjakan sahabat KBI, semoga bermanfaat ya 🙂

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