Kumpulan Soal ‘Verb Tenses’ Dalam Bahasa Inggris Paling Lengkap

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Kumpulan Soal ‘Verb Tenses’ Dalam Bahasa Inggris Paling Lengkap


Kumpulan Soal 'Verb Tenses' Dalam Bahasa Inggris Paling Lengkap
Kumpulan Soal ‘Verb Tenses’ Dalam Bahasa Inggris Paling Lengkap


Jika pada kesempatan sebelumnya kita telah banyak membahas mengenai materi bahasa inggris, maka kali ini kita juga akan belajar bahasa inggris dalam bentuk yang berbeda yaitu melalui comprehension atau pemahaman. Pemahaman tersebut diwujudkan dalam bentuk latihan soal dalam bahasa inggris. Yaitu mengenai verb tenses. Seperti apa contohnya? Yuk langsung aja kita simak contoh soal berikut ini 🙂

Following is a general review of verb tenses. Complete the sentences by using the proper forms of the words in parentheses.

1.A : (you, have)______any plans for vacation?

B : Yes, I do. I (plan)______to go to new orleans

A : (you, be, ever)_______there before?

B : yes, I have. I (be)______in New orleans two months ago. My brother (live)______there. So, I (go)____there often.

2.A : where’s jessica?

B : she (study)______at the library

A : When (she, get)_______back home?

B : In an hour or so. Probably around five o’clock.

A : How long (she, study)______at the library?

B : since two o’clock this afternoon.

A : (she. study)_____at the library every day?

3.A : shh. Irene (talk)______on the phone long-distance.

B : who (she, talk)________to?

A : Her brother. They (talk)________for almost an hour. I think her brother is in some kind of trouble.

B : That’s too bad. I hope it’s nothing serious.

4.A : (you, know)________don’s new address?

B : Not off the top of my head. But I (have)_____it at home in my address book. When I (get)______home this evening, I (call)_______and (give)____you his address.

A : Thanks. I’d appreciate it.

5.A : where’s juan? he (be)____absent from class for the last three days. (anyone, see)_____him lately?

B : I have. I (see)_____him yesterday. He has a bad cold, so he (be)_____home in bed since the weekend. He (be, probably)_______back in class tomorrow.

6.A : how long (you, have to)______wear glasses?

B : since I (be)____ten years old

A : (you, be)_______near sighted or farsighted?

B : Nearsighted

7.A : let’s go to a restaurant tonight

B : okay. where should we go?

A : (you, like)______thai food?

B : I don’t know. I (eat, never)_____any. what’s it like?

A : It’s delicious, but it can be pretty hot!

B : that’s okay. I (love)________really hot food.

Good luck sahabat KBI semua 🙂