Reading Text and Question : Untuk SMP Kelas 7 Semester 1

Reading Text and Question : Untuk SMP Kelas 7 Semester 1




Reading merupakan salah satu skill dalam bahasa inggris yang juga penting untuk kita kuasai disamping dari tiga skill lainya seperti speaking, writing dan listening. Mengapa reading skill penting bagi kita? Karena eading skill berhubungan dengan kosakata atau vocabulary yang akan kita gunakan dalam bahasa inggris dengan tujuan untuk menyusun sebuah kalimat dalam bahasa inggris.

Lalu bagaimana cara melatih skill reading yang kita miliki terutama dalam bahasa inggris? Tentu saja dengan sering nya kita mengerjakan soal reading dan membaca text reading dalam bahasa inggris.

Berikut ini admin akan memberikan contoh text reading dalam bahasa inggris untuk SMP beserta dengan contoh soalnya, seperti apa? Yuk kita simak berikut ini J


Mr Hodger



Mr Hodger was the owner and editor of a small newspaper. He always tries to bring his readers the latest news.

One day, he received an excited telephone call fom someone who claimed that he had just come through a big flood in a village up in the mountains. He described the flood in great detail, and mr hodges wrote it all down and printed it in his paper that evening. He was delighted to see that no other paper had got hold of the story.

Unfortunately, however, angry telephone calls soon showed that he had been tricked, so in the next day’s  paper he wrote : “we were the first and only newspaper to report yesterday that the village of greenbridge had been destroyed by a flood. Today, we are proud to say that we again the first newspaper to bring our readers the news that yesterday’s story was quite false.


Answer the following questions based on the text. In task 28.


1.What did Mr hodge do?

2.How did he treat his readers?

3.What news did someone give him one day?

4.How did the person give him the news?

5.What gave him a lot of plasure/

6.How did he discover that he had been cheated?

7.Write down the abstract or an outline of the story

8.What is the joke or the crisos of the text?


Based on the text, decide wheater these senteces are true (T) or False (F)


1.Mr hodges edited his ow n newspaper

2.Soemone telephoned to say that there had been a big flood

3.People who had been in the flood were angry that Mr hodges had written about it

4.He printed another report in his paper, repeating that there had been no flood liars

5.He wrote in the report that the people who had said that there had been no flood were liars.

6.There had not really been a flood at all.

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