Soal Paragraphs Dalam Bahasa Inggris Untuk SMP Kelas 8

Soal Paragraphs Dalam Bahasa Inggris Untuk SMP Kelas 8




Sahabat KBI masih ingat apa yang dimaksud dengan paragraphs? Materi sebelumnya kita sudah sangat sering membahas mengenai parahraph.

Arti dari paragraph sendiri merupakan kumpulan dari beberapa kalimat dalam bahasa inggris yang membentuk sebuah gagasan baru.

Rangkaian sebuah kalimat yang baik akan membentuk sebuah kalimat yang baik pula.

Berikut ini akan admin berikan contoh kalimatnya untuk sahabat KBI Semua J


Arrange the following paragraphs into correct order


How will artist earn money?


1.While one might be satisfied by listening to downloaded music, many people report that they often purchase a band’s CD after hearing their downloads. I can easily tell that compact disc recording sound better than most MP3 files, and it’s nice to have a labelled CD, package and liner notes.


2.You may ask how musicians are able to earn money if they offer free music downloads. The simple answer is that they will make money as they always have, by selling recordings, playing live concerts, and selling such merchandise such as T-shirts.


3.There are some who advocate that all music ought to be freely available and sharable, and suggest that musicians be supported through tips. Only a small fraction of those who download a given song need to contribute for most artists to make a comfortable living. The street performer protocol is one method  proposed for playing for many kinds of works, not just music. The non-profit organisation of music link collect tips from fans and distributes it to musicians with very little overhead.



Website for legal downloads



1.Probably the best known site for downloading MP3s is See especially their genre index. Click the link. You will be quite astounded at how  many genres there are.

2.There are a number of music hosting services that allow one to find many free downloads all in one place. Be aware thought that a website provides a file for download, it doesn’t imply the licensed file for sharing.

3.Note : if you clicked the link to the genre index, likely you found the link broken, that’s because of the domain name. However, note the connection of the old website. You can avoid all these problems by enjoying music from the tens of thousands of talented musicians who offer legal downloads of their music.

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