Soal ‘Preposition’ Bentuk Text Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Soal ‘Preposition’ Bentuk Text Dalam Bahasa Inggris


Soal 'Preposition' Bentuk Text Dalam Bahasa Inggris
Soal ‘Preposition’ Bentuk Text Dalam Bahasa Inggris


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Hallo sahabat KBI, apakah kalian masih ingat apa yang dimaksud dengan preposition dalam bahasa inggris? Pada materi sebelumnya, kita sudah banyak membahas mengenai apa itu preposition.

Lalu apa yang dimaksud dengan preposition? a word governing, and usually preceding, a noun or pronoun and expressing a relation to another word or element in the clause, as in “the man on the platform,” “she arrived after dinner,” “what did you do it for ?.

Bagaimana contoh soalnya dalam bahasa inggris? Yuk kita coba sekarang! bentuk soal preposition dalam bahasa inggris dalam bentuk text.

Complete the following text using appropiate prepositions given in the box.

-at -by -for -in -on -of -to -under -with


Mr hodges was the owner and editor of a small newspaper. One day_____ the company, someone offered him some information______ exchange_____ some free advertising in his paper.______reply____the man’s offer, mr hodges suggested that he should come and discuss things at his home, as he was not____touch_____ the business the man was talking about, so he could not really understand what was being offrered.____the time_____this offer, Mr hodgeshad already ben informed secretly,_____means _____ a telegram, about this matter; but____ the sake of not giving away the secret, he did not say anything to the man who was tryingto sell himinformation___regard____the same subject. The man came to see mr hodges that night,_____cover_____the darkness.

Please make sentences with those words!

Semoga bermanfaat untuk sahabat KBI semua ya 🙂

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